VibeBoss P5 - Platform Stand for Speakers
VibeBoss P5 - Platform Stand for speakers

Decouple Speakers, Subwoofers

Isolation Stands

Sound Addicted s-pods - Premium Isolation feetSound addicted s-pods - Premium Isolation Feet
s-Pods - Acoustic Absorbers for Speakers
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Premium Stand

The VibeBoss P5 is the essential platform compatible with all 5" monitor speakers (max 30lbs) and can improve your playback by isolating your speakers from what they're sitting on.

Amazing build quality!

"I had these isolators under my bookshelf speakers for a little over a month now. My speakers share the same surface as my turntable, so I was looking for something that would isolate the vibrations of the speakers from the turntable. These have seemed to do the trick well. The overall build quality on these is impressive. For the price, you get 8 pieces, and that’s quite a steal. Even if they performed half as well as they do, they’d still be worth it."

Product (s-Pods)

- Eric L., Panama City, FL

How to set up your studio monitors for the best user experience?

In a studio environment where you must mix and master your music, your monitor's optimal position is at ear height and should be facing you.
Using the Sound Addicted acoustic isolation pads, you can adjust the speaker's angle so that the sound will be directed to your ears depending on your sitting position.


"As you can see in the picture, I'm using Yamaha monitors, which clock in about 10lb+ and these pads handled them like a champ. I'm really impressed with the thickness and quality of these pads. As far as I'm concerned this is some pro level stuff. No vibration, no bass ringing through the woodwork of the desk, nothing but pure sound, as it should be. I'm working on getting some stands for them and you can bet I'll still be using these pads when I get them. If you have a home studio of any kind, this is what you're looking for. Thank you."

Product (VibeBoss P5)

- James H. Gilbert, Sandy Eggo, CA


These isolation pads effectively dampen vibration from my Rokit5 Studio Monitors.

Leo Garcia

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