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The Best Studio Monitor Isolation Pads


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Your bass volume is too loud and your neighbors aren't happy with that? NO MORE WORRIES!! Start equipping your studio monitors with Sound Addicted isolation pads and let the vibrations go away!

A great gift for any music lover, a must for a pair of bookshelf speakers or ideal for any home or professional recording studios. Say goodbye to any annoying buzzes!

Sound Addicted makes speaker pads that will improve your playback by isolating your monitors from what they're sitting on. That way any vibrations the monitor cabinets makes, won't be transferred on to your desk, speaker stands or bookshelf.

Made from high-quality density foam, the studio monitor isolation pads are by far one of the most affordable and common forms of speaker isolation.
With a slight angle on the top, the pads enable users to point their monitors up or down slightly, also flat position available.


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