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Windscreen Foam Cover for Blue Yeti and Yeti PRO
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Sound Addicted

Windscreen Foam Cover for Blue Yeti and Yeti PRO

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4 reviews
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 Best Windscreen foam for Blue Yeti

Excellent solution for better sound quality!

Sound Addicted makes Windscreen foams for large microphones that will improve your vocals by cutting out background noises.


  • An affordable way to improve your quality recordings.
  • Blocks those ugly "p" and "b" sounds.
  • Saliva microphone protection.
  • It makes sounds crisp and clear.
  • Doesn’t fall off from your Blue Yeti.
  • NO chemical smell.
Improve Sound Performances!

Increase your quality vocals by updating your microphone with a Sound Addicted foam cover.

Suitable for: podcasts, live web events, recordings, musical instruments, conference calls, etc.

Reduces the breath sounds and popping noises. It also keeps your mic clean and helps extend its lifetime.


*for NON-US CUSTOMERS, purchase the Windscreen for B. Yeti from  HERE

Windscreen for blue yeti by sound addictedWindscreen for blue yeti by sound addicted

Windscreen for BLUE YETI

It protects the mic from dust/moisture and it blocks unnecessary sounds like wind noises or vibrations.

Windscreen Details


Blocks those ugly "p" and "b" sounds.