VibeBoss P10 - Subwoofer Isolation Platform for 8'' to 10'' Inches Subwoofers
VibeBoss p10 and 10 inch Subwoofer
VibeBoss P10 - Dimensions
VibeBoss P10 Subwoofer platform - Studio
Sound addicted Platform for 8 to 10 inch subwoofers
Acoustic Isolation Platform for Subwoofers
Sound Addicted Isolation Platform Vibeboss P10 Studio02

Sound Addicted

VibeBoss P10 - Acoustic Isolation Platform Suitable for 8-10 inches Subwoofers

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Top 7 Reasons To Invest In The VibeBoss P10 Universal Subwoofer Stand For Floor:
  1. Studio-Grade Design Effectively Reduces Subwoofer Vibrations.
  2. Thick Foam Enhances Audio Performance And Offers A Crisp, "Clean" Sound Quality.
  3. Improves The Subwoofer Stabilization Thanks To The Anti-Skid Base.
  4. Universally Compatible With All Subwoofer Brands, Types, Or Models (8 to 10 Inches).
  5. Minimizes Subwoofer Movement - Tightens Bass, Enhances Low-End Clarity.
  6. Ideal For Studio, Apartment - Works Great With Home Theater Center Speaker (sustains up to 90lb).
  7. Must-Have Home Studio Equipment - Isolates Subwoofer From Hardwood Floors.

The Ultimate Sound Dampening Subwoofer Platform Is Here: Discover The VibeBoss P10 By Sound Addicted.
The Boss Is Here:

When it comes to noise reduction and acoustic insulation, you can no longer afford to settle for a cheaply-made acoustic isolation platform.

Introducing the newest sound-dampening subwoofer stand by Sound Addicted, a professional-grade acoustic isolation platform compatible with all 8"- 10" subwoofers.

Trusted by sound professionals, artists, producers, and aspiring musicians, Sound Addicted isolation pads set the industry standard when it comes to professional-grade noise reduction panels for subwoofers. 

Sound Addicted VibeBoss P10 - Subwoofer Isolation Platform Life Stile Sound Addicted VibeBoss P10 - Subwoofer Isolation Platform Life Stile

Optimal Subwoofer Platform

A high-performance acoustic isolation platform eliminates vibrations and ensures crisp, clear subwoofer sound.

Vibeboss P10 Platform Details

Sound Dampening Riser

Premium quality high-density foam (50kg/m^3) made from thick foam, CR material, and a sturdy MDF board for extra stability and optimal sound-dampening performance.

Vibe boss P10 Details

Ideal size for most 8''-10'' inch Subwoofers (1PC)

VibeBoss P10

Suitable Brands with VibeBoss P10