VibeBoss P10 - Best Isolation for 8-10 inch Subwoofers
VibeBoss P10 - Isolation for 8-10 inch Subwoofers -mb


Revolutionize Your Subwoofer Experience with Studio-Grade Isolation

Elevate your subwoofer setup to professional studio standards with the VibeBoss P10 Acoustic Foam Riser. This must-have subwoofer isolation platform guarantees top-tier acoustic isolation, effectively eliminating vibrations for a pure, immersive sound experience. Trust in the power of premium-grade materials designed for exceptional audio performance.

VibeBoss P10 - Isolation Pad for 8-10 inch Subwoofers -VibeBoss P10 - Best Pad for 8-10 inch Subwoofers -mb

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Thick Foam, Crystal-Clear Sound: Elevate Your Audio Quality

Immerse yourself in crystal-clear sound with the VibeBoss P10's thick high-density sponge (50kg/m^3 density) and CR foam construction. This acoustic foam riser and a sturdy MDF board enhance your subwoofer's audio performance by minimizing unwanted vibrations. Experience a cleaner, more precise sound that defines professional-grade quality.

VibeBoss P12 - Platform Isolation Pad for 12-15 inch SubwoofersVibeBoss P12 - Platform Isolation Pad for 12-15 inch Subwoofers-mb

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Versatile Compatibility and Stability: Your Subwoofer's Perfect Partner

The VibeBoss P10 is the universal companion for all 8-10-inch subwoofers. This isolation pad doesn't just reduce vibrations; it stabilizes your subwoofer, ensuring optimal performance. Its anti-skid base offers stability on any surface, making it an ideal choice for apartments, studios, or any home environment. Elevate your subwoofer game with the unbeatable quality of Sound Addicted.

wow, what a difference!

"I've tried the Auralex Acoustics SubDude-II one year ago when I just bought my Edifier S350db but it didn't have much effect to be honest, it only reduces the lower end which is not what I really wanted. The original speaker sound is good enough for me at that time( the house I live at that time period also had a better structure and floor material for speaker sound) When comes to the sound signature, this is the part where this product really surprises me. After I moved to the new house one month ago my Edifier's bass became quite muddy and overwhelming and got quite a lot excess reverberation (most due to the new room's structure and floor's material). The overall sound becomes a lot less enjoyable. I really appreciate that I read the reviews of this product and give it a try and it turns out to be a great decision. This isolation pad really makes a whole difference. The bass department is much cleaner and tighter, definitely not boomy anymore. At least the quality seems much better than what Auralex Acoustics SubDude-II offers which is basically just two foam sticked together..." - Amz Review

Ethan C., Amz Customer


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VibeBoss P10 Sizes

Every pack has one subwoofer platform.


Elevate your subwoofer's sound quality affordably.

Create separation between your subwoofers and floor surface.

Support subwoofers weighing up to 90 lbs without altering the foam's shape.

Just flat option.

We designed to accommodate all popular small /medium sized subwoofers: 8'' - 10" inches.

Vibe boss P10 Details

Ideal size for most 8''-10'' inch Subwoofers (1PC)

VibeBoss P10

Suitable Brands with VibeBoss P10

VibeBoss P10 - Subwoofer Isolation Platform for 8'' to 10'' Inches Subwoofers
VibeBoss p10 and 10 inch Subwoofer
VibeBoss P10 - Dimensions
VibeBoss P10 Subwoofer platform - Studio
Sound addicted Platform for 8 to 10 inch subwoofers
Acoustic Isolation Platform for Subwoofers
Sound Addicted Isolation Platform Vibeboss P10 Studio02

Sound Addicted

VibeBoss P10 - Acoustic Isolation Platform Suitable for 8-10 inches Subwoofers

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5 reviews
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