Dust Cover for MPC Live and MPC Live 2
Cover for MPC Live in Studio
Dust Cover for MPC Live - Dimensions
MPC Live Dust Cover
Cover MPC Live II
MPC LIve Cover

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Dust Cover for MPC Live | MPC Live II, Protects Against Dust, Leakage and Scratches

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Excellent solution for better protection!

Dust build-up is the biggest culprit of malfunction and overheating problems in electronic equipment. The dust on top of any equipment is just a fraction of what has gone into it. Cleaning and servicing are excellent ways to protect your delicate electronic equipment from dust, but a better way is to prevent the dust from entering the equipment in the first


  • keep your equipment Dust Free and working.
  • well-designed Dust Cover for MPC LIVE and MPC LIVE II.
  • antistatic, water-resistant cover
  • protect your MPC against dust, liquid spills, or scratches

Dust Cover for MPC LiveDust Cover for MPC Live

Cover for MPC Live and MPC Live II

Shield against dust, spills, and scratches for worry-free equipment longevity!

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