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S-Pods - Premium Isolation feet for Studio MonitorsS-Pods - Premium Isolation feet for Studio Monitors

Reason 1

Elevate Your Audio Experience with Enhanced Clarity

Do you want to experience audio as it was meant to be heard? The s-Pods are meticulously designed to eliminate undesirable vibrations, reducing distortion and coloration in your sound. By using s-Pods, you can unlock hidden details and enjoy a level of clarity that transforms your listening experience.

S-Pods - Premium Isolation feet for SpeakersS-Pods - Premium Isolation feet for Speakers

Reason 2

Versatile Design for Seamless Integration

Whether you're a dedicated audiophile or a music producer, the compact size of s-Pods (2" wide x 1" tall) allows easy integration into any audio setup. Weighing in at 5.45oz per pod, these acoustic absorbers are as practical as they are effective. Elevate your audio without sacrificing space or convenience.

S-Pods - Isolation Feet for Studio MonitorsS-Pods - Isolation Feet for Studio Monitors

Reason 3

Precision Engineering for Optimal Sound Quality

Crafted with high-quality silicone and metal components, s-Pods perfectly balance support and decoupling. The shock absorber and optimized design ensure your speakers deliver the best sound quality. Say goodbye to unwanted mechanical resonances and hello to a pure, unadulterated sound.

Fantastic isolators

"These were much more heavy-duty than I thought they would be, and that is a good thing. These are great for larger speakers, amps, and other heavier objects that you want to isolate from vibration. They did a good job with my gear in my music room, and better than the firm foam devices I was using previously."

-Christopher J. Thibeault, Professor and Wedding Photographer | North Providence, Rhode Island, USA


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Premium Design

Crafted with high-quality silicone and metal, s-Pods provide an optimized balance of support and decoupling for your speakers.

s-Pods - Studio Monitor Isolation Feet

Vibration Control for Pure Sound

s-Pods effectively eliminate both surface and mechanical vibrations, ensuring your speakers deliver a pristine, distortion-free audio experience with reduced coloration.


Elevate your speaker's sound quality professionally.

Create separation between your speakers and surfaces like bookshelves or desks.

Support up to 44 lbs (4PC's).

We designed it to accommodate all popular speakers.

s-Pods - Studio

Designed to hold up to 44lbs/ 4PCS (20kg), ensuring you get the most out of your speakers


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