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Elevate Your Sonic Landscape with Unparalleled Support

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your speakers? The DSS Silicone PC Speaker Stands, constructed with robust interiors that are not flimsy, are expertly crafted to eliminate vibrations. They provide a stable foundation that minimizes distortion and enhances clarity. Experience your audio as it was meant to be heard, with hidden details emerging and transforming your listening pleasure.

Desktop Speaker StandDesk Speaker Stand

Reason 2

Precision in Every Detail for Optimal Audio Performance

Our speaker stands, meticulously engineered with premium silicone, strike the perfect balance between support and decoupling. The precision design, coupled with the shock-absorbing qualities, ensures that your speakers deliver exceptional sound quality. Bid farewell to unwanted mechanical resonances and immerse yourself in the purity of unadulterated sound.

Monitor Speaker StandMonitor Speaker Stand - DSS

Reason 3

Seamless Integration, Maximum Impact

Whether you're a dedicated audiophile or a music enthusiast, the DSS stands' compact design (5.7" x 7.5" x 2.1") and impressive weight-bearing capacity (up to 30lb per stand) make them the perfect addition to any desktop or gaming setup. Elevate your audio experience without compromising on space or convenience. Join those who have embraced the ideal blend of functionality and style with DSS Silicone PC Speaker Stands.

Sturdy, simple, and effective

"I've strategically placed my two M-Audio studio monitors on these sleek and robust wedge stands crafted from high-quality silicone. The angled tilt they provide is perfect for my desk, ensuring optimal alignment for the speakers. These stands are not flimsy; in fact, their interiors are solid, offering sturdy support that eliminates any vibrations from reaching the desktop. Not only do they securely cradle the speakers and prevent any unwanted movement, but their low-profile design also ensures no interference with wiring. Considering their practicality and stability, these stands are easily worth the modest price." Amz Review

- Dan V., Dallas, TX


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DSS - Desktop Speaker Stand for Small and medium speakers


Elevate your speaker's sound quality professionally.

Create separation between your speakers and surfaces like bookshelves or desks.

Support up to 30 lbs (Stand).

We designed to accommodate popular speaker sizes: 3'', 3.5'' 4'', 4.5'' and 5'' inches (Small and Medium Speakers).

DSS Size

Each package comes with (2 PCs), enough to isolate a pair of loudspeakers.

Designed to hold up to 30lbs/ 2PCS (13.6kg), ensuring you get the most out of your speakers

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DSS - Desktop Speaker Stands for 3 to 5 inch Speakers
DSS - Desktop Speaker Stands for Small Speakers
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DSS - Desktop Speaker Stands for 3''- 5'' inches Speakers or Studio Monitors

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