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Stand for MPC Live | MPC Live II, 25° Tilt Reduces Neck Pain During Your Beat Production

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Create an ergonomic and comfortable workspace for music producers and Akai MPC Live and MPC Live II users with the Sound Addicted Stand for MPC Live | MPC Live II.

This stand is constructed from sturdy plastic (ABS + PC) and is designed to perfectly fit the renowned Akai MPC LIVE and MPC LIVE II samplers. Featuring non-slip silicone feet and a 25°-tilt angle, this stand provides a comfortable position for your MPC device and helps reduce strain on your neck and back, making beat-creation sessions much more enjoyable.

Stand for MPC Live II - Studio SessionMPC Live Stand - Studio - mobile version

Enhances Beat Production Workflow

EVA Protection

The stand features EVA padding to provide extra protection for your MPC Live. Safeguard your equipment from scratches and potential damage, ensuring peace of mind as you create.

Crafted for Comfort

Our stand's 25-degree tilt isn't just about style—it's designed to make your music-making experience easier on your neck and back. Enjoy effortless control and reduced strain so you can focus on your music, not discomfort.

Stand for MPC LIVE Studio

Perfect for any producer that use MPC Live.