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If you are a sound enthusiast not necessarily a professional, who loves to dabble with sound, probably not just sound but sound at its best, you would definitely be aware what improves and distorts sound quality. It is the free flow of sound from the monitors to our ears without any objects hindering that free flow which would give the sound emanating the best quality. That is before the sound reaches our ears and in-between there should not be any objects that would disturb that free flow.

We know that furniture, and other such objects or obstacles would not bring sound at its best to us hence the best contraption which would be simple to use would be a quality speaker stand for every monitor that is connected to the source of the sound. Elevating the monitors to the accepted height would ensure that the sound being dished out from the monitors reach our ears and all those who would be listening without any obstructions and vibrations in-between. This would ensure that the sound quality improves to optimum levels.

It would be also prudent to ensure that the elevated monitors are placed strategically at the appropriate locations which would provide that all important free flow of sound. It is only when the free flow of sound is achieved that you could enjoy the sound at its best.

In your studio with the right monitor stands you could expect to have sounds par excellence which would ensure that all that sophisticated sound equipment that you have invested in, dishes out the perfect sound that you envisage from them. One simple flaw especially concerned with the wrong placement of your monitors could spoil your enjoyment and also bring to nothing all the monies what you have invested.  

Hence we look at the available monitor stands which have become important equipment to have in your studio to ensure you enjoy the best sound quality. We have chosen  10 best studio monitor floor stands which would help and assist in delivering high-quality sound to your ears justifying all that you have spent on them. The prices of these monitor stands could begin as low as $40/= and increase but it would be your prerogative to select and choose which of them would suit your studio and requirements perfectly.

Definitive Technology Professional 600/800

Definitive Technology Professional 600-800 pair

The pair of Definitive Technology Professional 600/800 is specifically designed for smaller speakers or tweeters and is at the right height level to ensure sound comes through without vibrations or distortions. It has a curved top and a bolt at the bottom which would not be compatible with the smaller versions of the Definitive Technology ProMonitors only. Attaching other small monitors without compatibility with this method of fixing would be impossible.   

There are no provisions to adjust the height of the monitor stands which could be a drawback depending on the design of your studio.

The cable attaching the monitor to the sound system could be discreetly slipped through the inside of the center stand which is design professionalism at its best.  


  • Perfect for compatible monitors


  • No height adjustment
  • Only for small Definite Technology ProMonitors

Price on Amazon: US UK


Ultimate Support MS-100B

Ultimate Support MS-100B

The Ultimate Support MS – 100B is designed to a specific height that cannot be adjusted. The base for the monitor could be tilted even with the monitor fixed on it to ensure the most appropriate angle for optimum enjoyment. This tilt advantage enables the monitor stand to be placed at the perfect location and for the monitors to be directed at you.

Rubber pads and rubber covered bases ensure a reduction in vibration and distortion of sound. The strong metal stand has three separate cavities running through it. The larger one could be filled with sand or shot to stabilize the monitor stand and ensure optimum weight management whilst the other two could be used to run the cables through. This brings in neatness with no cluttered cables to contend with.

Ultimate Support MS - 100B rubber

The top mount where you would place the monitor is rough, heavy duty and has an anti-slip guard which protects the monitor from slipping off and does not need to be fixed. The Ultimate Support MS – 100 MB is elegantly designed and would add to the ambiance of your studio. It has a smooth finish and is available in black. 


  • Three channels in the main stand
  • Rough base and anti-slip protection on the top mount


  • Non-height adjustable

Price on Amazon: US EU


VideoSecu 2

VideoSecu 2

The VideoSecu 2 can be adjusted to the best position as it could be moved up and down from heights of 26.5 inches to a maximum of 47 inches. This monitor stand is made of strong steel and finished with elegant black to add to the ambiance of your studio. The channel running from top to bottom would discreetly run the cables without any clutter whilst ensuring neatness around.

The monitor stand could support a maximum weight of 30 pounds. It is good for use with either stereo or surrounds sound monitors. The VideoSecu is compatible with any of the leading brands like Sony, Bose and Acoustic Energy. The top plate mount for the monitors could be tilted up to ten (10) degrees and turned 180 degrees and could also be clamped from the sides to hold the monitors firmly in place.

The top place could be adjusted to widths from 5.5 inches to 11 inches providing ample options to place the monitor that you would choose. Rubber feet for the monitor stand are provided which would be ideal for any type of floor whether it be carpet, tile or wood.

VideoSecu 2 clamp 5.5 to 11 inches

Though the smaller base on the top mount may not be suitable for larger monitors, it would be ideal for small and medium monitors. The VideoSecu would ensure that you enjoy the best sounds within your studio.


  • Compatible with most brands
  • Adjustable heights
  • 30 pounds maximum capacity



  • For small and medium monitors only

Price on Amazon: US



Ultimate Support JS – MS70

Ultimate Support JS-MS70

The Ultimate Support JS – MS70 has four (04) adjustable heights making this monitor stand very versatile in use as you could have it at the right place at the perfect height. It could be moved up or down from 32.5 inches to 42.25 inches and once the required height is achieved a locking pin would hold it in place. The base is designed in a triangular shape which ensures optimum stability.Ultimate Support JS-MS70

Manufactured from strong steel but weighing just 8.4 pounds which is about 3.80 kgs it could be conveniently moved around to ensure optimum sound quality. The top mounts are 9 x 9 inches and are generally used with rubber isolation pads to ensure optimum sound quality is dispensed. It could hold a maximum weight of 50 pounds which is great for monitors in the small and medium range.

A channel in the center stand facilitates the running of the cables which world give neatness around the monitor stand ensuring there would not be any clutter. The Ultimate Support JS – MS70 could be easily assembled and dismantled when needed and would fit perfectly into any standard luggage. This monitor stand is equipped with rubber feet to ensure it stands perfectly in one place and has leveling spikes to keep them at the perfect level to ensure quality sound emanates from it.


  • Adjustable heights
  • Stable bottom
  • 9”x 9” top mount
  • 50-pound maximum weight
  • Rubber feet and leveling spikes
  • Triangular base prevents toppling


  • The base is not stylish
  • Looks drab

Price on Amazon: US



OnStage SMS6000

OnStage SMS6000

The OnStage SMS6000 and all other monitor stands from this manufacturer are all engineered to ensure affordability, innovation, durability, and style. This too follows others from the OnStage brand. The OnStage SMS6000 is height adjustable from 35.5 inches to a maximum of 54 inches. The locks to adjust height are at four (04) inches intervals which make it convenient to ensure you get the right height to enjoy perfect sounds. It locks with a clutch and pin mechanism which is easy to operate.

The OnStage SMS6000 has a load capacity of 90 pounds which enables a fairly large monitor to be placed on it without much ado. The base has a triangular design which is 18inches wide which ensures stability and the even distribution of weight with leveling spikes also provided. They are elegantly designed and made of strong and sturdy steel that are arc welded with a super finish and weighs only 2.2 pounds each.

The upper mount for the monitors is 9.5” x 9.5” which is just ideal to place most monitors available in the market and with one-inch foam strips any chance of the monitors slipping is prevented. The central stand has a channel that runs through it which is for the cables to be slipped through discreetly ensuring neatness when the monitor stand is placed anywhere in the studio. They are also easily dismantled and could be carried anywhere you would want to take them.    


  • Elegant design
  • Strong and sturdy
  • 90 pounds of weight capacity on the upper mount
  • Adjustable
  • Wide upper mount 9.5” x 9.5”
  • The triangular base for stability


  • The triangular base looks awkward+

Price on Amazon: US





The DR Pro SMS1BK is bestowed with an elegant wood finish which would add to the ambiance of your studio or anywhere else. The design is simple and with good straight lines which bring a sense of class to the construction and the color, black brings an additional style to it.

Though it may look lightweight it is heavy with an all steel construction with the central column hollow which is sealed with a gasket and could be filled with sand or shot to ensure that right weight balance to get the sound mix that you would need. The bottom is fixed with leveling spikes which ensures the DR Pro SMS1BK is set perfectly upright. The vinyl glide feet which are attached provide perfection on wood and other hard floors.

The base of the DR Pro SMS1BK is quite heavy, which ensures stability when the monitor is placed on the upper mount. It is not height adjustable and remains at a convenient 36 inches which would be just perfect to ensure you could place it strategically to ensure super sound quality is dished out from the monitors.

Cable clips are supplied which could be employed for neat wire attachment to the rear of the DR Pro SMS1BK to ensure they are discreet and would add to the overall neatness of the studio or in a home setting. These monitor stands come with a five (05) year manufacturer’s warranty.    


  • Elegant wood finish
  • Stunning black finish
  • Simple straight lines design
  • Cable clips to secure wiring neatly


  • Height non-adjustable

Price on Amazon:  US


K&M 21300

K&M 21300

The base of the K&M 21300 Heavy Duty is designed in tripod style and could hold a monitor that would be even 100 pounds with no issues. It is made from strong steel and is indeed Heavy Duty. The wide and strong base is further assisted with tube legs and cross braces which ensures optimum stability without any wobbling when the sounds are dished out. These monitor stands could be used for heavy monitors hence would need to be at optimum stability. The wide base design would ensure that the monitor stand would not slip when the sounds reach high decibels.

The height is adjustable from a low 54.5 inches to a maximum of 85.8 inches which is quite high and ideal to dispense sound to a large open area. The height adjustments are a hand crank and push button system with an additional pin to lock it is placed to ensure it stands at optimum stability.

K&M 21300

The K&M 21300 may be quite a heavy weighing around 18 pounds but it needs to be strong and sturdy to ensure that it has the strength to carry big monitors on it. The diameter of the extension tube is 3 mm with an M10 thread connector which would easily connect with most large monitor cross bars.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Strong and sturdy base
  • Strong steel construction
  • 100 pounds weight capacity
  • To dish out sound by professionals


  • Heavy to move around
  • Takes much space


  • Price on Amazon:  US



    Raxxess ERSS- 42

    Raxxess ERSS-42

    The Raxxess ERSS- 42 is designed elegantly and in style, maintaining a straight line concept and is constructed with ¾ inch hardboard which is generally used in the construction of high-class furniture. It has an attractive wood laminate finish which enhances the straight line design. It would add to the ambiance of your studio or even place anywhere in a home setting.

    It has a weight capacity of 36 pounds and would easily hold monitors conforming to that. The upper mount and the base plates are both squares with the base plate easily removable to fill the center column with ballast to ensure optimum acoustic de-coupling when sound is dished out.  The upper and the base plates are 12’ x 12” which adds to the stability of this monitor stand. The base is not gasket sealed hence some fine sand could leak out but that could be prevented by filling sand in small bags before placing them inside the center hollow in the ERSS- 42. When it is adequately filled with ballast and properly stabilized there would not be any vibrations or sound distortions. The monitors would dish out super sounds for all to enjoy

    The Raxxess ERSS- 42 is not height adjustable and would stand at 42 inches which could be perfect in selected places which is something that you would need to decide before you buy it.



    • Elegant design
    • Attractive wood laminate finish
    • For monitors with weights of 26 pounds
    • 12” x 12” base and upper mount plate


    • Hardboard construction

    Price on Amazon: US



    Ultimate Support MS–90 45B

    Ultimate Support MS-90

    The Ultimate Support MS – 90 - 45B is manufactured from anodized, conductive, high-grade Aluminum to give a sleek finish which would add to the ambiance of any interior whether it is in your studio or in a home setup. The central column is hollow with three separate channels running through it. The larger one could accommodate ballast with the smaller channels running the cables and wires discreetly to bring neatness to the room.

    The design of the Ultimate Support MS – 90/45B is superlative and attractive which would enhance and add to the surroundings. The black finish adds style and finesse to these monitor stands.

    Ultimate Support MS-90 pads

    The ballast would ensure noise reduction and any interference to the sound from the monitors and also keep the monitor stand stable with the monitors on it. The Ultimate Support MS – 90/45B is non-adjustable in height and would remain at 45 inches which is generally quite acceptable but depending on your location you may have to decide.

    The construction is sturdy especially with the wide base which would manage the weight to be well distributed coupled with the spiked and ball feet the Ultimate Support MS – 90/45B would remain where it would be placed without any chance of moving. They are good value for money and if you are looking for elegance but still affordable monitor stands then this is what you should be getting.


    • Aluminum construction
    • Elegant design
    • Hollow central column


    • Non-adjustable height

    Price on Amazon: US



    Gator SPK – 2000SET

    The Gator GFK – SPK – 2000SET is perfect for dishing out sounds in large spaces especially with live bands, DJs and also for Public Address systems. Solid construction in tripod style to ensure it could carry heavy monitors and would not move when sound decibels rise. The wide base ensures that it keeps stable under the immense weight that it would carry especially with sounds at high decibels being dished out from the monitors. They could be used for any large functions and are ideal for professionals.

    Rubber knobs are provided to adjust the height of the monitor stand and also to tighten the three legs to ensure they are stable on the floor. The height is adjustable from a low of 48 inches to a maximum of 81 inches which is a very wide choice of height which would enable the Gator GFK – SPK – 2000SET to provide super sounds when needed.

    The Gator GFK has the weight capacity of 125 pounds which enables it to carry fairly large monitors. It also comes with an interchangeable monitor stand of 35mm/38mm ensuring total stability. Constructed from high-grade Aluminum and hence is lightweight and could be easily moved around when needed. This monitor stand weighs only six (06) pounds but packs a lot of strength in it.

    The Gator GFK – SPK – 2000 comes with a three (03) year manufacturer’s warranty on workmanship, materials or other manufacturing defects which would enhance its bona fides as one of the best in its category on monitor stands.


    • Aluminum construction
    • Light but strong
    • Wide base for added stability
    • Elegant design


    • Needs a wide area for the base 



    Speaker Monitor stands are necessary if you are to elevate the sounds emanating from the monitors without any disturbance, interference of distortions. It is to be decided as to which type and size of the monitor stand you would need to the specific place in your studio or home setting and then purchase the one that would suit that requirement.

    The monitor stands that we have selected are for both indoors and outdoors depending on the space that the sounds would be needed and before you decide on the one that you would need it is imperative that you match with your requirements.

    Placing monitor stands strategically is the option and when you do so the best sound could be enjoyed by you and everyone else listening to it. Hence select the most appropriate for your application and then decide on the best choice. It is the quality of sound that you could dish out that would keep you or the audience spellbound and tapping their toes which would be what you want too.


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    • I got the OnStage SMS6000 and I am satisfied with the product but the problem is when vibrations occur, which is why I’have added a set of foam pads in order to decouple my hs5’s from the stands.

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