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Corner Bass Traps Studio Foam, 4 Pack, 12'' x 7'' x 7'' Inches | BabuTrap

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Best corner bass traps

From YouTube videos to audiobooks, if you are creating a project that involves sound managing, your acoustics will be the defining item that makes you sound like a professional or an amateur. Untreated hard surfaces can reflect sounds back to your microphone creating unwanted noise and echoes. If these extra sounds aren't absorbed with a product like our foam corner bass traps they make your creation sound less than professional. With the addition of our inexpensive bass traps to your home studio, you can eliminate unwanted noise from the low-to-mid frequency range creating a cleaner recording that is more appreciated by your listeners.

Enhance Your Home Theater Environment

Create a more cinema-like experience by treating your home theater with our sound absorbing acoustical foam bass traps. You work hard, you want to play hard so when you watch movies you deserve not only the best picture but the most amazing sound quality you can have in your home. These highly affordable acoustic foam bass traps help make that cinema sound reality in your home theater. Simple and easy to use, you will be enjoying movie-quality sound in only a few minutes.

  • Economical 4 Pack (Vacuum Packaging) – Grouped in an economical pack of 4 our corner blocks deliver high performance at a great value. Eliminating more than just reverb from bass this corner foam mitigates a wider range of sound than its name indicates. Keep all of your sounds clean by using our bass traps.

Add our acoustic foam bass traps to your cart now and install a room treatment that will deliver cinema-like sound to your home theater.

Foam Corners Specifications:

Material: Medium-density sponge (20kg/m^3 density)
Color: Charcoal
Dimensions (WxDxH): 12'' x 7'' x 7'' inches
Weight: 1.2 Lb
Package includes: 4 Corner Bass traps

 *for NON-US CUSTOMERS purchase the BabuTrap (Corner Traps) from HERE