Studio Monitor Isolation Pads for 3 up to 12 speakers subwoofers SMPads
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SMPads Horizontal and Vertical decoupling Isolation
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SMPads Subwoofer Isolation Studio
SMPads Decoupling Studio Monitors
Best Match 5-12 inches Studio Monitors for SMPads

Studio Monitor Isolation Pads / SMPads

Sound Addicted
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Excellent solution for better sound quality!

Sound Addicted makes speaker pads that will improve your playback by isolating your monitors from what they're sitting on. That way any vibrations the monitor cabinets make, won't be transferred on to your desk, speaker stands or bookshelf.


  • an affordable way to improve the sound of your studio monitors/ subwoofers.
  • decouples your speakers from bookshelves, desktops or monitor stands.
  • supports up to 78 lb without changing the foam shape.
  • foam wedges provide up to 5 tilt options, including flat.
  • sized to fit all popular 5'' -12'' inch speakers, studio monitors, small and medium sub woofers.
Reduces Vibration & Unwanted Audio Resonance

SMPads decouple the energy from the supporting surface which results in a significantly improved audio sound. The studio monitor isolation pads are manufactured using the highest quality acoustical foam and will easily hold up your speakers without changing the pad's shape.

How to set up your studio monitors for the best user experience?

In a studio environment where you need to mix and master your music, the optimal position of your monitors is at ear height and they should be facing you. Using the Sound Addicted monitor pads you can adjust the angle of the speakers so that the sound will be directed to your ears depending on your sitting position.

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